Deer Herd Numbers Down in Ohio?

Well, being a hard core bow hunter, I put a lot of time in the woods this year as usual and it sure seems to me in my areas that I hunt the deer herd numbers are down.  Don’t get me wrong, I still see deer, just not as many as I usually see compared to years past.  Last years deer harvest for Ohio was down from the previous year and this years preliminary harvest numbers are down substantially again.  The Ohio Division of Wildlife blamed last years harvest numbers being down on a “heavy acorn crop” and this year they are saying it’s because more farmers have corn fields on late.  And, I’m sure they are going to blame the rain on the first day of gun season.  Fact is, the bow harvest was down 11 percent from the previous year even before gun season started.  I think the Ohio DOW needs to wake up and stop listening to the auto insurance companies.  I realize there are still many, many areas in Ohio that are flooded with deer.  I just think the Ohio DOW needs to put a little more effort in managing the herd according to the population of smaller areas, not dividing the state in 3 large zones.  Anyone out there agree or disagree?


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